Peter’s Story – A Case Study – About 4 years ago, Peter (55) began experiencing symptoms related to irregular prostate function. The problems not only effected his personal life but also professional. With pressure on his job and marriage, Peter began a journey to find the road back to the health and freedom he once had. Here is his story.

Mental problems

When prostate problems begin they also affect the psyche. In my job as an administrator, I am often under pressure but must remain focused and confident. Two years ago, I felt a constant urge to urinate although it tended to happen at night. Needless to say, my sleep suffered as a result.

After extensive research, I realized learned that many men my age struggle with similar problems. Things got worse in the following months and work became a real challenge.

Normal Routines Become More Difficult

During meetings I started to get strange looks because of how many times I got up to use the bathroom in a span of an hour. A constant feeling of residual urine and problems with urination increasingly made office life difficult.

After visiting a doctor, I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. I wasn’t surprised since 3 out of 5 men over the age of 50 suffer the same issues. Regardless of how common the problem is among men my age, I was still concerned about what the future would be like.

Prostaphytol - The power of the pomegranate

There is a natural remedy for prostate complaints: Prostaphytol.

Prostaphytol uses the power of the pomegranate. The polyphenols it contains have an anti-inflammatory effect on the inner walls of the prostate. In this way, the prostate regains its normal size within a very short time - without any surgical intervention.

Prostaphytol promotes vitality, sex life and activity.

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Sexual Dysfunction

There was no question that my prostate diagnosis had a negative impact on my sex life. Probably the worst of all symptoms was erectile dysfunction. To say it put a strain on my marriage would be an understatement. I probably felt more troubled about it than she my wife who tried very hard to support me.

After about six months, we finally spoke openly about it. I should have confided in her much earlier, but my sense of shame stood in my way. I always thought that this would never happen to me and I just didn’t want to admit it had.

Search and find solutions

The conversation with my wife was easier than I thought. We were able to speak openly about my challenges and concerns and together we looked for solutions. As it turns out, she had a relative who suffered from the same problems so we turned to him for advice.

The power of polyphenols

When we finally met, he told me about his difficulties and it the story was very familiar to me. The constant urge to urinate, jumpiness and interrupted sleep to name a few. Sharing our mutual experience a liberating feeling.

He told me about his success with Prostaphytol capsules, which contain the polyphenol found in pomegranates. Polyphenol has an antioxidant effect and fights inflammation. It settles on the inner walls of the prostate and consequently reduces the inflammation. After 8 weeks, my friend was able to urinate normally again and the constant urge to urinate was gone. With a wink, he quietly told me my wife would love the results too.

Customer testimonials

„I constantly had to ask my customers to excuse me while I used the bathroom. I was seriously worried. But then a colleague shared Prostaphytol with me and everything changed. I feel like I did 20 years ago“

Roger, 59, Kent

„My wife learned about the amazing benefits of prostaphytol. A short time later my libido returned and life has never been better. Oh and the prostate benefits are great too!“

Joseph, 52, Manchester

My self experiment

Honestly, what he told me sounded too good to be true, but I was willing to try anything and determined to find a solution. So, I ordered a couple months’ supply of Prostaphytol capsules and was sent a free bottle of Vigor Plus to help increase energy and stamina.

The nightly urge to urinate gradually disappeared and I was able to sleep through the night again. At work, my self-confidence returned and I was focused on the job rather than the bathroom breaks. After 8 weeks I had no trouble urinating and after 3 months my wife and I finally celebrated the “comeback in the bedroom”.


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